Picnic Tub and Bags Galore to Organize Your Summer Fun

On our many outings and trips, my husband and I have found that staying organized is the key to relaxing and enjoying any experience. So if that once in a blue moon sunny day shows up in Seattle, our picnic tub is packed and ready to go at a moment’s notice. Should w rolex watches for sale e decide to take another day and camp on a cross country trip, our camping gear is packed into the rooftop carrier of our Subaru. Our backpacks are perfectly sized to fill with gear and reduce the strain on our shoulders. And then there’s the few lightweight bags we add to our luggage, which saves us many lost items and makes month long trips endurable. So what’s in our Picnic Tub?

We use a Rubbermaid tub to hold our picnic supplies. These include:

An additional advantage of the tub is it is heavy sided and stacks easily. It also has convenient handles that make carrying it simple. This article has some commonly overlooked food goodies to include in your menu.

So what camping gear’s in our rooftop carrier?

The answer is, it varies but may include one or more of the following:

1. sleeping bags

2. pillows, sheets and beach towels

3. rubber raft

4. oars and pumps

5. inflatable mattress

6. tent

7. tent stakes

8. broom and dustpan

9. tarps

10. duffle bag with rolex watches for sale Frisbees, badminton etc.

The main thing I should mention is that every one of these items is stored in a nylon stuff sack and is labeled with a tag for easy identification rolex watches for sale . Part of the reason for putting it in a stuff sack is to keep the contents clean and dry while unloading in a campground and to protect from moisture at home. Still accidents happen and this article has good suggesti rolex watches for sale ons on how to clean sleeping bags. Also, if you’re traveling with children, this article has some additional suggestions for family oriented gear. Another article provides some low cost ideas to include for hiking and camping.

Picnic set backpack reviews

Family day trips in the car over the summer holidays are expensive enough without the cost of eating out. But you can cut costs by investing in a picnic set and preparing a home made rolex watches for sale meal to eat on the go. There’s a wide range of kits available, from luxury backpacks to traditional picnic hampers. Each has cutlery, plates and cups, so you don’t have to chuck your best china in the boot. And some even include rugs. We put 11 of the best through their paces.To enjoy the perfect picnic, you need the right equipment for every eventuality. So welooked for crockery and cutlery for four people, plus a chopping board, sharp kni rolex watches for sale fe, bottle holder, corkscrew and a rug. Picnic sets with big cups scored extra points rolex watches for sale , as didthose which featured a separate insulated compartment for keeping chilled food cold. We also rated how comfortable each was to carry, as well as how solidly built they were. Second place goes to the Picnicware Deluxe Picnic Backpack, which is really well made but doesn’t have a rug rolex watches for sale . Rounding out the picnic set podium is our favourite basket style kit: the Next Four Person Fabric Picnic Hamper.

Picnic basket makeovers

I think it once housed a Christmas gift of sausages and sharp cheddar cheeses. After all, it was in the shape of a little cottage and, gosh, it came with tiny cottage windows. I gave the basket a couple coats of white/cream paint and hand painted ne rolex watches for sale w brown black shutters around the windows. I had to add flower boxes, too. Grass and landscaping went around the perimeter of the basket.2. I glued on paper flowers to show something growing in the cottage garden. To do this, from the green grassy area, paint simple flower stems in a lighter green. When the paint dries rolex watches for sale , glue white paper flowers onto the stems. (Tip: Sometimes I find paper flower packets in the bargain bins at Michaels for a dollar or less.)3. I clear coated everything to lock in my designs. It can hold lunch for one or two, and best of all, it’s more fun to carry around neat delicatessens like Eatzi’s or Carshon’s. If I stumbled onto one, there are likely more out there in thrift store heaps, but really, this is inspiration. You can accomplish creative designs using many shapes of baskets with handles. Baskets without lids work, too. Just paint the sides of any open, woven basket that has a handle to look like the side of a house, or make a cottage garden around the perimeter of the basket using the paper flowers. Pull out the paint and stencils, because it’s time to give it a new lease on life. If you improve the basket, you’ll be more likely to fill it and rolex watches for sale use it. Picnic baskets are often stored on a top shelf in a pantry or garage. They’ll need some spring cleaning before they are ready to be painted and are food safe. Use the cleaning rag and solvent spray to scrub your basket clean.2. Sand the finish to roughen rolex watches for sale it slightly. Clean using the solvent one final time. Let it fully dry, for a few hours, before you paint.3. Even if you are painting the basket its existing color, a fresh coat will make it feel new again. This type of paint works for picnic baskets because it offers a quasi water resistant barrier for unexpected spills, pool splashes and sudden rain showers. Work the brush into the basket weaves and crevices. Sometimes it takes looking at the basket from many angles to make sure that you have covered the nooks and crannies.4. Now you have a blank slate to work with. Consider wiring silk, velvet or vintage flower sprays to the handle. Online resources offer fabulously detailed stencils, and craft stores have many easy to use options for creating designs that look like complex paintings. Look for furniture and craft stencils, which will often produce the right scale, as opposed to wall art stencils. Follow the directions on your stencil and make your design using the appropriate brushes.5. After the designs dry, seal the lid with a couple coats of a matte clear coat spray, like Krylon’s clear sealer. I have always cherished my grandmother’s large, woven sewing baskets. I have collected a few others over the years too. I converted them to picnic baskets, and I get to share their incredible embroidered designs with people as I fill them up with delicious lunch items. Carry your drinks in a separate cooler or insulated bags to keep them cold. Plaid picnic and retro bags are uber collectible and can be found in antiques malls, online shops and flea markets. If you don’t have these in your stash, look around. The styles never seem to lose their allure. I posted a photo of my red and black 1960s tartan picnic set on Facebook recently, and several people chimed in to remember the set and to talk about their memories of the beloved picnic gear. The mid century picnic baskets and bags remind us of a bygone era that sometimes we miss, but the joy we may miss can certainly be found again or re created.