Plantation garbage fee tentatively OK’d

Until now, residents paid no monthly fee but purchased, at $2.29 apiece, the blue garbage bags that are required for trash pickup by Waste Management. City officials say many avoided the cost by i replica watches llegally dumping their garbage or disposing of it at work. But they still benefit from the city’s garbage service by recycling or using bulk pickup.

“Our c replica watches osts are escala replica watches replica watches ting like everybody else’s,” Waste Management spokesman attorney C. William Laystrom told the council Tuesday. “We’re losing money every month.”

Of the 18 cities in Broward that have contracts with Waste Management, Plantation is the only one that requires residents to use the blue bags, which are stamped with the city’s seal.

“Even if people don’t use the blue bags, they should be forced to pay their fair share,” Levy said. “If we continue the system, the people not using the bags get off scot free. The only way we can figure out how to make it fair and equitable is to charge $6.25 . so you don’t have to subsidize the people skirting the law.”

Plant Your Own Lemon Tree At Home

As we a replica watches ll know, lemons are amazing sources of Vitamin C, Potassium, B6, and numerous other nutrients. They are anticancer and detoxify our body, which is essential because sometimes we make unhealthy food choices.

It is easy to plant and grow lemon trees at home but you have to be patient with them. It takes a while for them to fully grow but even the leaves have a good scent and after about a couple of years they grow flowers and then lemons. You can follow these quick steps to better plant, grow, an replica watches d take care of them.

The seeds: It is better if you purchase organic lemons because seeds from non organic lemons do not usually grow due to the added chemicals. Also check the labels on the lemons to make sure they are not seedless.

A proper planter: Buy a planter that has drainage holes on the bottom of it. If it does not have the holes you can drill some. Make sure you have a saucer or a plate that fits the planter to put underneath it because when you water, the additional water will come out and make a mess.

Planting the seeds: Pick about 7 to 10 of the bigger seeds to plant because some of them may not sprout and you do not want to waste your time taking care of one seed that may not even grow. Take out the seeds and wash them but do not let them dry out. Keep them fresh until you plant them. You can wash them and put them in a plastic bag and keep it in the fridge or plant them right after washing them.

Cover the bottom of the planter with pebbles or any kind of small rocks then cover them with soil. The pebbles help the water to exit the planter faster so later on the roots won stay in water and rot. It is better if at least half of the planter is covered with soil. Plant the seeds below the surface of the soil. Water the soil but not too much and then cover the top of the planter with a plastic bag or even a black garbage bag because in the beginning sunlight is not as necessary. Water the seeds 2 to 3 times a week. It may take up to two weeks replica watches for the sprouts to show. After you see the sprouts, you do not have to cover th replica watches e planter anymore. At this stage keep the plant in a somewhat warmer place and make sure it receives around 5 hours of sunlight per day. Enjoy your beautiful lemon tree.

Plant would generate power from food and yard waste

The city advertised for other companies to bid on the project, but none did so.

Reed Fowler, the city’s public works director, said officials are working on a contract proposal with Quasar that would go before the City Council in September.

City Manager Neil Morgan said while financial information in the proposal can’t be disclosed until replica watches the contract is ready to go before City Council, the project will likely be to the city’s financial advantage. The energy produced by replica watches Quasar would reduce the city’s power bill significantly, he said.

“The reasons for doing it is because No. 1 it’s good for the environment, and No. 2, it’s in our financial interest,” Morgan said. “I’m favorably inclined to move forward.”

Morgan has previously said that the Denbigh composting facility is a possible location for the anaerobic digester, which would cost a few million dollars to construct.

Fowler said the biogas could be used not only to power buildings, but also as compressed natural gas fuel for vehicles. It could also be turned into a liquid fertilizer to be sold to the public.

While many details still have to be determined, Fowler said he envisions businesses from all over the Peninsula dropping off food waste at the plant. Fowler said it should be less expensive to bring food waste and fats, oils and grease waste to Newport News than trucking it to Waverly, even if the city charges tipping fees.

Whether the city or Quasar Energy Group would own the digester has yet to be determined, officials said.

But Fowler said the plant could be built quickly, possibly within three months after the contract is awarded.

Jeff Kuklica, mid Atlantic project developer for Quasar, said it’s a winning concept, and it has taken off in Ohio, where six Quasar digesters are located. Kuklica said in Germany about 5,000 digesters are in use.

“There’s enough organic waste to operate 1,000 digesters in Virginia,” Kuklica said.

Kuklica, who is based in Virginia Beach, said he heard last year that Newport News was interested in producing energy from food waste, so he thought the city would be a good place to start in the state. Kuklica said he’s not aware of any municipal anaerobic digesters in Virginia of the kind that would be in Newport News.

“We feel like it will be a magnet for other communities,” Kuklica said. “People will want to come see it and see what it can do.”

Fowler said eventually the city could operate a food waste residential pickup, where residents would put out a bin next to their garbage and replica watches recycling bins, but that’s several years in the future, if it happens. But Fowler said in 2013, the city may start requiring residents to place their yard waste in paper bags to go to the digester. The fall loose leaf collection would not be affected.

Currently, yard waste that’s not part of the fall loose leaf collecton is placed in plastic bags at the curb and hauled to the landfill.

Waste to energy plant in Newport News

Newport News is considering an anaerobic digester waste to energy plant that may be located at th replica watches e Denbigh composting facility. The city is working on a contract with Ohio’s Quasar Energy Group, which would generate biogas power from food and yard waste and fats, oils and greases. The contract could go before the City Council in September.