Plantation Revises Garbage Bag System

City officials, after a lengthy discussion on Wednesday, approved selling the $1.60 bags in packs of 10, with three large recycling bags at 15 cents each. The total package, with enough bags to last an replica watches average family about a month, would cost $16.45.

City special projects coordinator Paul T. DeBernardo had proposed including four large recycling bags, but Council member Ralph D. Merritt III said two or three bigger bags was plenty.

Council member Lawrence K. Freilich proposed leaving recycling bags out altogether, so as not to force extra bags on those who don’t recycle.

DeBernardo explained the reason blue city garbage bags are more expensive is to cover the $30,000 per month cost of garbage pickup in Plantation. Even if someone doesn’t recycle, it still costs money to drive down their street and check for bags. And charging for recycling bags defrays some of that cost, he added.

The blue bags now come in boxes of 18, with four small recycling bags. The boxes cost $29.20 at Albertsons, Winn Dixie and Publix grocery stores. Many homeowners complain about the $30 price, others say there aren’t enough recycling bags in the boxes.

Some residents, frustrated that the replica watches current b replica watches ags don’t hold very much and unwilling to buy another box of bags, simply toss their recyclables away, DeBernardo said. “You put one or two milk containers in there, it’s all filled up.”Some tuck recyclables into opaque plastic shopping bags, which Southern Sanitation crews won’t pick up.

The new recycling bags will hold about 22 gallons, or about 2 1/2 times what the current wastepaper basket sized bags hold.

The new packages will come in sealed plastic baggies, because people were pilfering bags from the cardboard boxes in the store, said Dennis Urbanski, division president and general manager of Southern Sanitation Service.

Blue city garbage bags cost more than regular garbage bags because they include the cost of pickup from Southern Sanitation. The theory is this: The more garbage your family produces, the more you pay for garbage pickup.

Those who want to recycle further will be able to buy more recycling bags in packages of 40 small sized or 30 large sized, for about $4 a package.

Recycling saves residents money, because “it’s a lot less expensive to us replica watches e those 10 cent bags than those blue bags,” said Council member Rae Carole Armstrong. The long term benefits far outweigh the costs, she added.

Plantation has used the city garbage bag system for more than 25 years, because it avoids the need for garbage cans that could clutter the street. Council member Jerry Fadgen noted that the small bags were more than adequate for his family.

Plantation Offers Options On Garbage Bags

Starting in a few days, residents who have to buy garbage and recycling bags at local supermarkets will have three options to choose from, after the city tried an earlier change, without much success.For years, homeowners in most parts of Plantation bought the bags they put on their curbs for pickup in packs of 10 garbage bags and 3 recycling bags, at a cost of $19.85.But too often, homeowners were complaining they were left with too many garbage bags, and not enough recycling bags under that system, said Dan Keefe, assistant to the mayor of Plantation.So in November, the city and replica watches its garbage hauler, Waste Management, agreed to sell the bags in bunches of 20 garbage and 30 recycling bags, at costs of $38.80 and $4.50, and eliminate the 10 garbage, 3 recycling bag package.That change, however, angered other homeowners, who yearned for the old package.Hearing those complaints, the city and garbage company have now agreed to sell all three packages at local supermarkets, so residents can buy either 20 garbage, 30 recycling, or 10 garbage and three recycling. All three options should be available at Publix, Winn Dixie and Albertsons sometime in the next few days, Keefe said Thursday.”The city wants to be sure the old way is still available,” said John Casagrande, district manager for Waste Management. “This gives the large generator a better option.”Casagrande thinks the average resident benefits from the “pay as you throw” system, rather than paying a straight bill for garbage service. He said Plantation’s model replica watches was the only one of its kind in Broward, Miami Dade, or Palm Beach counties.Plantation officials have experimented several times with changes to its blue bag program over the yea replica watches rs, reducing or raising the number of bags sold in each package.Homeowners in most parts of the city are required to use the bags, but not in Plantation Acres, where residents pay a straight fee, Casagrande said.Keefe said he has been directed by the council to re negotiate the city’s contract with Waste Management. If progress stalls in those talks, the city could open the contract for bidding from other companies, he said replica watches .

Plantation Garbage Rates Rise Today

That’s because Broward County is charging the city a higher tip fee to dump trash into its landfill, from $79 to $80.60 per ton. And Southern Sanitation Service, based in Pompano Beach, is increasing its rates for the city’s contract by 3.5 percent, said the city’s internal auditor Paul T. DeBernardo.

This price increase is not a city price increase. This is a pass through from Broward County,” said City Council member Ron Jacobs, at the Sept. 24 meeting. If we don’t pass this through to everybody, it’s not fair.”

But City Council member Lee Hillier said Plantati replica watches on Acres homeowners seem to be taking a harder hit than other residential and commercial customers. Why is the rate to pick up their 96 gallon containers rising 81 cents, while city trash bags are increasing by a few pennies? he asked.

Hillier said he takes his garbage out every two weeks, which amounts to about $9 per pickup. I’m not getting the bang for the buck,” he said.

But Mayor Frank Veltri, who takes out his trash in city garbage bags, disagreed. I assure you, Plantation Acres has got a bargain on the bag system, even with whatever increase they have today,” he said.

Council President Rae Carole Armstrong, who also lives in the Acres, asked whether the burden is being evenly distributed throughout the city. DeBernardo assured her it was.

P replica watches lantation Acres residents used to be allowed four cans, or 120 pounds of garbage, per pickup. When they switched over to 90 gallon containers last Thanksgiving, We endorsed it, because we were told it would reduce the price,” said Hillier, then president of the Plantation Acres Homeowners Association.

He said because Southern Sanitation is collecting less trash from the Acres as a whole, and has reduced its crew from three to one, the Acres’ rates should have dropped.

He said the city should examine its contract with Southern Sanitation when it expires in four years.

Jacobs said he vowed: If I’m sitting on this council [in four years) then I make the commitment to do it,” to go out for sealed bids to find a new collector.

Under the new rates:

Blue city garbage bags, which now cost $1.67, will now cost $1.75. A box of 10 garbage bags, which includes three large clear recycling bags, will go up 80 cents to $17.95.

Plantation Acres residents, who pay a flat rate to have their garbage picked up at the curb, will see their rates increase from $17.93 to $18.74 per month.

Acres residents will also pay a nickel more, or $1.58, to have their recyclables collected.

Multi family units, condominiums and ap replica watches artment complexes will see their rates increase 30 cents to $7.56. The recycling rate will increase 3 cents to 90 cents. These charges probably will be passed on in rents or association dues.

Stores and businesses will see their trash bin charges increase 52 cents to $12.48.

During the discussion, Hillier also questioned the timeliness of getting the information here to inform the public,” because the vote came up just before new rat replica watches es went into effect.