Pixie Laptop Backpack from Lexie Barnes

The Bottom LineThe Pixie laptop backpack was designed for women who want style and a functional laptop backpack. The Pixie combines both elements very well. The print choices are fun, definitely feminine and very summery. The print I was sent was Pacifica very bright, cheery and well suited for summer use.

I was quite pleased with the amount replica watches of storage space that the Pixie has. I had no problem wi replica watches th getting al replica watches l my mobile gear inside and there is even a hidden pocket which can be used for your cell phone, credit cards or keys.

The storage space is another great feature that I really liked and was pleased with.

The shoulder straps adjust easily and the design shows that thought was put into making sure that the position of the backpack is comfortable and not going to cause your back and shoulders any strain. There is also a comfortable grab handle which is useful when getting in or out of vehicles.

The laptop compartment is well padded and has a snap closure which I really liked, so many backpacks don’t have any type of closure on the laptop compartment and then your laptop may bounce around.

Another feature on laptop bags and laptop backpacks replica watches that I find important are the zippers. Well made and durable zippers will ensure that your mobile gear stays protected from the elements and keep your gear where it belongs inside the laptop bag. The zippers on the Pixie are very sturdy and even with the backpack full I had no problems with the zipper. It is anchored into the Pixie very securely.

I am surprised that the Pixie isn’t available in a choice of sizes for those with larger laptops. Perhaps that will be an option from Lexie Barnes in the future.

pixel cream parlor

My comp gov book arrived today. I have exactly 2 weeks to learn government and politics for 5 countries. countries and review US gov Joy.

In case you were wondering, the comparative government AP test covers 4 main countries (Britain, France, Russia, China) and 1 of 3 thrid world countries (India, Mexico, or Nigeria). The multiple choice will contain no questions about third world countries. The only questions on thrid world countries will be in the free response section.

SAT today was ok. I concentrated a lot more than I did on my practice tests, so I hoping I did > 1500. I skipped 1 verbal question cause i had a 1/4 or 1/3 chance to get it right. But it turns out my guess would have been correct. Darn. And 1 math question I was incredibly stupid and didn get it. But there no points off, cause it was a grid in response.

Now to wait for judgement day, May 14. Ahh the anticipation replica watches !

William Peng. 3:38 PM. . .

An Associated Press story printed in the Houston Chronicle on Sunday, April 18, 2004 reported that administrators at Duke University were taking ambitous steps to make life better for the replica watches ir sleep deprived students.

“Lack of sleep among college students is an old problem, but one that appears to be getting worse, according to some national surveys.

“James Clack, Duke director of counseling and psychological services, said, students] really think it doesn bother them, but that really isn the case.

” suits many students just fine, said Judith Ruderman, vice provost. we couldn exist like that. was running out of classroom space, and students were beginning to complain about the availability of courses. So administrators worked out a new schedule for the fall, spreading classes more evenly throughout the day and week. That will still be a shock to some students who have never had classes before 9.”8 AM classes and sleep deprivation can hurt academic performance Then they apparently haven experience replica watches replica watches >d the rigors of middle school and high school. They considering making their classes start at the same time at elementary school. Wimps. But if the morning classes stay at 8:30 AM when I in college, they not wimps anymore :)

William Peng. 9:35 PM. . .

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What is that The simple answer is: nothing at all. It is well known that people are distracted by readable text, so when displaying a typeface, publishers use lorem ipsum to make people focus on the typeface and not on the content. Additionally, lipsum has a more or less normal distribution of letters as is seen in English. This also helps to get people to not concentrate on the content.

I always wondered what that was :)

awesome comic strip! =D

Government is gay and it taught by Mr. Zehe ( is pronounced “Another example of the American concern for institutional restraints on the exercise of political power is found in the federal structures dividing power between a national government and individual state governments.”

^ Make some sense out of that crap. That an actual quote from the comp gov textbook. I spent maybe half a day reading that thing over and over again trying to make some sense out of it, probably mostly because I just can concentrate (I won say I have ADD, cause everyone says they have that. I make up some other name for it).

After having toiled day and night, spending every waking moment reading (not really), doing extra research online to fill in the many gaps the purple textbook (haha. reminds me of the purple pill. remember that commercial Vioxx or something I have overcome the great obstacle that is British government and politics.

One down, six to go xP

Let take a break from gov and do some math! yipee. Let see. 26 days left until exams. 26 days divided by 6 countries = 4 days each country. And the remaining 2 days I can spend on the more complex countries.

SAT is just vocab building now.

If anyone wants my British gov notes, maybe, if you ask nicely, I give them to you :) OR maybe I sell it 😛

Pixar new world is a mixed bag

Uh oh: is the first Pixar movie that doesn feel like a Pixar movie.

This takes more getting used to than you might think. After 17 years and 13 blissful feature films (you don have to count 2 if you don want to), we comfortable with, if not beholden to, the company magic touch. Pixar stories are more original than the family film competition, its visual invention more inspired, its scripts mo replica watches re ambitious and deeply comic. The company dares to treat kids like adults and lets the grown ups relocate their inner kid.

The first half hour bumps along with humor and a striking lack of direction. Merida (voiced by 36 year old Kelly Macdonald) is a tomboy with a personality as fiery as her h replica watches air, and that hair itself is a marvel: a bewitching digital tangle of neon that almost deserves a 3 D movie of its own. So do the princess little brothers, carrot topped triplets who steal as expertly as they steal pastries from the castle kitchen.

Merida father, King Fergus (Billy Connolly), is all battle scarred, peg legged, bear hunting Id, amusingly drawn as a mountain in a kilt. Her mother, Queen Elinor (Emma Thompson), is the castle poised Super Ego, constantly reminding the girl of her princessly duties. The clans are coming MacGuffins, Macintoshes, and Dingwalls and Merida has to take one of the princes for a husband, but she would rather run off to the high crags and sing a drippy Disney ballad about being free. The standoff between mother and daughter escalates, unforgivable words are exchanged, doors are slammed. To anyone with the double edged luck to live with a teenager trying like crazy to become her own person, this is both familiar and over familiar.

Except that I doubt there a witch (Julie Walters) in your neighborhood to give an unhappy girl a potion that might change mother mind and body. If you don want the mid movie twist spoiled, stop reading now. I mean it: Now. If you want to be parentally prepared, I can tell you this: Thompson mama bear gets turned into a literal Mama Bear.

Hilarity ensues. Well, more like chaos and tears and an eventual flight to the forest by girl and animal, where they bond despite Queen Elinor new fondness for grubs. has zigged and zagged so often by now that you almost prostrate in your seat waiting to see what happens next. As expected, it unexpected: a poignant connection between the generations, an extremely funny bout of bear charades, and one climactic bear on bear fight that had the 5 year old boy next to me shrieking in terror while his twin sister just sat there digging it. Consumer advisory: I say the movie for ages 6 and up, but you know your kids. At least until they teenagers.

It a genuinely odd film, and odd is not bad in an entertainment landscape of cookie cutter multiplex fare. Yet feels held together by baling wire. It notable as the first Pixar movie to be written and directed primarily by a woman, Brenda Chapman (who based the central story line on her relationship with her own daughter); it also notable for Chapman being fired over differences midway through the project. Mark Andrews and Steve Purcell are listed with Chapman as co directors; all three, plus Irene Mecchi, had a hand in the script. You can sense the conference room arguments pushing the movie this way and that. (And who came up with that title, a generic adjective that barely referenced in the movie itself?)

The animation, of course, is exquisite would you expect anything less? glories in the rugged landscapes of its storybook Scotland, the camera making exultant flyovers and pushing up woodland paths to follow trails of pulsing blue will o past miniature Stoneh replica watches enges. The 3 D is good and the character animation better, especially among the clans, with the head Macintosh a Braveheart wannabe voiced by Craig Ferguson and young MacGuffin muttering incomprehensibly through his giant, bowling ball face. (Someone here has seen Brad Pitt marblemouthed act in and it actor Kevin McKidd.)

The bear animation is spectacular down to the fin replica watches est detail of fur and muscle and talon, and the animals themselves come in sizes too varied to divulge. Yet if ends up in a richly emotional place almost in spite of itself, the strain of stitching it all together shows. We would expect this kind of overstuffed joyride from Dreamworks Animation or the folks at Fox or even Disney itself. But it terribly ordinary for Pixar, and ordinary is no longer enough.