Planting Potatoes in Plastic Bags

Early po replica watches tato tubers are usually chitted before being planted outside. This involves placing the tubers in a well lit, frost free place. The shoots develop from the eyes of the tuber and replica watches will then be planted outside when the soil has warmed to 6 Celcius.

Early varieties take between 75 90 days to mature. Harvesting can start in early summer. Irish people use St Patrick’s Day, 17th March, as the date by which you must have the early potatoes planted.

Not everyone has space for planting potatoes, in fact not everyone has a garden. Tubs or barrels can also be used. I decided to re use a couple of old plastic compost bags. Here is what I did:

Step 1: I turned the bags inside out to reveal their dark side which attracts more heat, and looks nicer. I rolled down the bag so as to allow light for the shoots when they grow. Into the base of the bags I made a number of slits to allow drainage.


Step 2 replica watches : From our compost heap I got a wheel barrow of lovely dark compost. A 10cm (4 inches) layer was shoveled into the bags and then firmed with my hands.


Step 3: The tubers I placed on the compost and then covered with a further 10cm (4 inches) of the good stuff, and firmed. Then the compost was watered.


Aftercare: When the stems grow to 15cm (6inches), more compost will be added, to a depth of 10cm (4 inches). As the plants grow the sides of the bags are unrolled to allow for greater depth. They need a weekly feed of liquid seaweed fertilizer to promote growth. Learn about making compost on my other blog Ciaran Gardening Blog and d replica watches ownload an information sheet on Home Garden Composting.

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Planting Pesticide treated trees

However, the fact that some workers are reporting effects on their skin shows that, in these cases, the controls to prevent exposure just are not working properly. It is very important to remember that PPE will be replica watches come contaminated with pesticide residues (that means it is working properly) and it is essential that workers do not touch exposed skin with contaminated PPE, such as gloves.

This article highlights some of the most important information that needs to be considered when planting treated trees.

Planting Pesticide Treated Saplings Important Guidance

1. Training

All operators must have had appropriate training in how to carry out the tasks required

Where plants have been treated with a pesticide, you should carry out a risk assessment as required under the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations 2002 (COSHH). The COSHH assessment will help you identify the controls that need to be adopted.

You should also ensure that operators report any incidents of ill health effects to the supervisor immediately.

Provide tra replica watches ining on putting on, washin replica watches g down, taking off storing PPE.

Keep treated plants and contaminated materials away from resting and eating places, stored personal clothing and the passenger areas of vehicles.

Plan the placement of portable washing water around the placement of plants. Personal Protective Equipment

When planting treated saplings use the following PPE:

Either: A suitable protective bib and brace overall and suitable protective elbow length gloves with cuffs inside protective (plastic) elasticated elbow length sleevelets

Or: A suitable two piece suit and wrist length gloves with cuffs inside th replica watches e jacket sleeves and safety wellingtons or water repellent boots with a good grip to be worn inside the protective trouser legs

Always put on and take off protective clothing in the right order

Ensure all protective clothing is clean undamaged at the start of each work period pay particular attention to gloves.

Planting Peas

Peas are a wonderful addition to any garden. They are easy to grow and practical to store. They are also a great side dish or addition to any meal. They are a very nutritious replica watches vegetable as they contain lots of vitamins and minerals as well as dietary fiber and protein. Better yet, they add very few calories to your diet. They are all different in terms of taste and uses, but when growing them, the procedures and methods are the same.

Peas are a cold season vegetable that grows great in cool, moist weather. They are even frost tolerant. In the United States, they can be grown just about anywhere. They do not grow well in heat, so summer is not the time to plant them. The time to plant pea seeds is just after the last snow melts.

Peas require sunlight, good air circulation and well draining soil to thrive. Pea plants are thirsty, so they require a lot of water, especially when they are blooming. They are also climbing plants, so they will need support for the vines.

When selecting a place for your peas, it is best to run the rows north to south in an area that gets proper exposure to the sun to ensure that they get enough air circulation and sunlight. The soil should be prepared by composting organic matter such as dried manure and dried leaves. This will make certain that the soil is fertile and well draining. You can place trellises for the plants to climb on, or just plant them close to a netting frame or chain link fence to provide support.

Before planting the seeds, the seeds should be soaked overnight or at least for an hour. Dusting the seeds with an inoculant, that is available in m replica watches ost garden centers, will improve the germination of the seeds making it easier for them to absorb nitrogen which is essential to pea roots. It will also protect them from diseases. You can also use inoculant containing liquid compost during the process of composting your soil as an alternative to dusting the seeds.

The prepared seeds should be planted in rows that are eight to ten inches apart. In each row, the seeds should be spaced about one inch apart in a furrow that is about three inches deep with the seeds covered by about one inch of soil. When the seedlings appear, in ten to twenty days after planting, be careful hoeing and watering because the seedlings are easily injured. The furrow will protect them until they start to grow and can then covered up. As they grow, be sure that the vines are supported well. It is best to pick green peas when the pea pods appear swollen and mature. Picking them too late will result in the peas being starchy and hard. Snap peas are a little different in that they are best picked before the peas grow very large but when the pod seems to be plump. Snow peas, on the other hand, are best when they are flat instead of plump. With a little practice, you learn just when to harvest your peas for the best quality.

Storing Peas

Fresh peas are wonderful for salads, side dishes or additions to things l replica watches ike stir fry. If you can you use them right after they are harvested that is great. However, if you produce a lot of peas, storing them may be necessary. For fresh peas, they can be stored in the refrigerator for a few days. For long term storing they can be canned or frozen. Canning peas deplete their quality a bi replica watches t, so freezing them is by the far the best way to store them if you can’t use them fresh.

When freezing green peas, they should be shelled and washed well right after they are harvested. They should be blanched using boiling water for one and half minutes then submerged in ice cold water. Drain them well and pack them in freezer containers or freezer bags leaving about a half an inch of space in the container. Be sure to remove all air if using bags.

Snap peas should be “stringed and snapped” and washed before you blanch them. Snow peas just need to washed, without the shelling, stringing and snapping. Other than that, both snap peas and snow peas can be blanched and stored using the procedures provided for green peas, except they require blanching in boiling water for two to three minutes.