Plastic Bag Experiments

Grocery store plastic bags can sometimes break or fall apart on the way out of a store, spilling your merchandise all over the parking lot. Determine how much a plastic bag can hold and the strongest plastic bag by collecting different plastic bags from grocery stores or other retailers in the local area. Make a chart showing the number of different plastic bags and the name of the store where you got each one. Make an estimate of how much weight a p replica watches uk lastic bag can hold, then find a bench press and set a plastic bag on the bar. Add weights to the plastic bag until it breaks. Record how much weight it took for the plastic bag to break, then repeat until you done the same for the rest of the plastic bags.

See if the real weight matched up with the estimate and determine the strongest plastic bag from the data you collected.

Witness how a simple chemical reaction can pop a plastic bag. Take a water tight plastic bag that can be sealed shut. Pour 1/2 tablespoons of baking powder into the middle of a 5 inch across paper towel square, then fold the square to form a packet to hold the bak replica watches uk ing powder,. Pour into the plastic bag 1/4 cup of warm water and 1/2 cup vinegar. Drop the folded paper towel into the plastic bag, then quickly close the bag. Shake the bag to mix the ingredients, then place the bag on the ground or in the bathtub. The bag will pop because of the chemical reaction between the vinegar and baking soda.

Experiment with how the chemical reaction changes by using different sized plastic bags, cold and room temperature water and using printer paper or toilet paper instead of paper towels. Record the results.

Witness the power of solar energy by learning to float a solar bag. A solar bag is a long, thin black bag made out of plastic. The black color of the bag al replica watches uk lows it to efficiently harness solar energy, and its lightweight plastic material allows it to float in the air. Solar bags can be bought from many science experiment websites. Once you have a solar bag, go to a park and take the bag out of its package. Carefully unroll the solar bag so as not to puncture or tear the plastic, then run a distance with the bag open to fill it with air. Tie the bag end and tie it to the ground with kite string. The solar bag should then float into the air as it becomes heated by the sun after 10 minutes or so. The solar bag floats because the heat of the sun makes the molecules inside of the bag increase in speed.

You can try experimenting with different sizes of solar bags, different amounts of air inside the bag and different outdoor temperatures to see how the solar bag is affected.

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Plastic Bag Science Experiments

Science experiments can be fun and educational for children of all ages. The ability to do experiments with items you have around.

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Plastic grocery bags Type 2 (high density polyethylene film HDPE) and Type 4 (low density or linear low density polyethylene film LDPE/LLDPE).

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How Do Plastic Bags Affect the Environment?

Plastic bags were first replica watches uk introduced in 1862 in London. The term plastic was coined in 1909, but did not really take hold.

A Science Experiment of Rubbing Foods on Brown Paper Bags

Every living thing contains a number of organic compounds. One of these essential compound is lipids. Lipids include waxes, phospholipids, triglycerides and.

Plastic bag era comes to an end in Palo Alto

For Palo Alto shoppers, the question “Paper or plastic?” officially becomes an anachronism Monday, as the city’s new ban on plastic bags takes effect at all retail locations and paper bags become a costlier commodity.

More than three years after the city’s ban on checkout plastic bags took effect at local supermarkets, the ban is spreading to all retail location thanks to a decision the City Council made in March. The new ordinance also means that retailers will now have to charge customers at least 10 cents for paper bags.

The law also bans plastic bags from local restaurants, though that provision isn’t kicking in until Nov. 1. Unlike other businesses, food establishments will have the option of providing paper bags free of charge. They will also be allowed to use plastic bags for soups and other liquid products.

The goal of the new replica watches uk ordinance is to reduce litter in local creeks and the Bay, according to Public Works staff. Officials point to a recent study from Scripps Institution of Oceanography, which reported that plastic debris in the Pacific Ocean grew a hundredfold over the past 40 years.

Plastic accounts for 60 percent of the litter in local creeks, according to Public Works.

“Last year we found about 350 bags during two local creek clean up events and a separate one month tally of bags found in the lower watershed. In addition, local photographers have also provided staff with photos of birds impacted at the Baylands. So we’re trying to address this global problem at a local level,” Julie Weiss, the city’s project manager for the ordinance, said in a statement.

Assistant Public Works Director Phil Bobel called the expanded ordinance “the next step in eliminating plastic bags in our creeks and San Francisco Bay.” The ordinance is expected to eliminate 20 million single use plastic and paper bags annually.

The city recommends that customers remember to bring their own bags by putting reusable bags near their doors or in their cars and keeping foldable bags in their pockets, backpacks and purses.

Poorly written article with a laughably wrong title.

The article itself states that restaurants have until Nov 1 to phase out plastic bags, so the era is not coming to an end today!!! Then they say that restaurants will be allowed to place soups in plastic bags after Nov 1. I also assume that we will still be using plastic bags in grocery stores for fruits and vegetables. So in conclusion the plastic bag era is not coming to a real end in Palo Alto.

oooh, the found 350 bags in two creek clean ups this year the world is clearly coming to an end now. Out how many bags is that??? Very typical misrepresentation of the “green” crowd that is parroted by the weekly

Followed a garbage truck on the highway not so long ago, it was gradually losing its load of recycled materials, bags, etc. and they were blowing all over the highway. That is probably where the bags in the creeks and Bay come from.

Everyone I know seems to be buying plastic bags from Ziplock, Glad, Hefty, etc. for all the uses the free bags were used (never call them single use as they were always used multiple times). Time to think about buying some Stock.

And by the way, bread is still double wrapped. Why???????

Finding a whole 350 plastic bags in two creek cleanups is NOT justification for inconveniencing 50,000 or more human beings! Period.

All this ordnance does is provide employment for yet another city staffer charged with dealing with yet another law and making the entire populace look elsewhere for their wastebasket liners, doggie doo sacks, etc. etc.

Since it will be harder to lay hands quickly on a bag every time taking dog for a walk, I predict this ordnance’s main result will b replica watche replica watches uk s uk e a couple hundred fewer bags to be cleaned from the creek and several thousand more replica watches uk dog turds to navigate around on our city sidewalks.

Another great job, City Council.

Resident you are correct, these are not single use bags. But is part of the ” green” propaganda machine to label them as such obviously ifmtheynused multiple times, they are not bad and that would undercut their brainwashing attempts.

Catastrophe you are correct, the weekly does blindly parrot those misrepresentations by the green crowd.

Wnythepaper charge the money goes to the store, so they are happy. They can charge you for whatbthey used to give away for free.

Bottom line, this is a ridiculous law. Fortunately, I have a few years supply of plastic bags squirreled away.

>>>Posted by Outside Observer, a resident of another community, on Dec 10, 2012 at 7:54 pm

Updated again for December 10, 2012. When will this stupidity ever end?

>>”Posted by Outside Observer, a resident of another community, on Jun 16, 2012 at 6:42 pm

Update to a Town Square posting I made back in January. The posting:

“San Jose passed one of those plastic bag bans, effective 1/1/2012.

Well, there is an ethnic market I often patronize in San Jose (better foods, service, customers, and much cheaper than American chains).

Plastic Bag Dispenser made of cloth

: Plastic Bag Dispenser (made of cloth) My family saves plastic shopping bags for reuse for their original purpose or throwing rubbish away.My family saves plastic shopping bags for reuse for their origin replica watches uk al purpose or throwing rubbish away. The latter is especially important as we live in a flat with a rubbish chute under the kitchen sink, so the bags are the replica watches uk perfect size to fit through the hatch. (Although, in previous homes where we lived in a house and had to carry the rubbish to the road for the garbage men, we always used shopping bags anyway. I was baffled the fir replica watches uk st time I encountered the American way of buying perfectly clean new plastic bags to put rubbish in.)The problem is that we usually just hang the plastic bags on the kitchen window which ends up being very untidy. I remembered seeing a sort of sausage for storing plastic bags in replica watches uk someone house a long time ago, so here my version of how to make one.