plastic bag fee debate buried

Mayor Rob Ford helped hammer the nail in the coffin of Toronto five cent bag fee on Wednesday.

Ford made a surprise appearance at the public works committee to vote to bury the plastic bag debate indefinitely.

The mayor an ex officio member of all council committees didn speak during the debate but did cast his vote on the winning side of the 5 2 vote to receive a report on plastic bag reduction strategies information. That result keeps the issue away from council and almost entirely rules out any debate to bring back the bag fee or the ill fated bag ban for at least a year.

pay enough in taxes, they don need to be nickel and dimed every time they go to the store to buy groceries or buy something, Ford said in a press conference following the vote.

Ford led council in trashing the bag fee last June but at the same debate councillors also ended up voting to ban plastic bags. After a legal challenge, council ended up dropping the ban late last year.

I cast my vote as mayor at the p replica watches uk ublic works and infrastructure committee . to make sure we put the final replica watches uk nail in the coffin of this plastic bag fee once and for all, Ford said. we have to remember, these (plastic) bags are 100% recyclable and reusable. works chairman Denzil Minnan Wong acknowledged the issue could be brought back to council with a two thirds vote but suspected there was fatigue around plastic bags.

Councillor Janet Davis tried to get the committee to order city staff to consider a bag fee as part of the city long term waste strategy.

is definitely a desire for this government to take proactive action on plastic bags, Davis said.

A number of councillors lamented the fact the city has spent so much of its time debating plastic bags.

council has some sort of Freudian preoccupation with plastic bags, said Councillor John Parker.

Councillor Michelle Berardinetti hoped the bag fee debate would return after the nex replica watches uk t election.

beat the issue to death and it is something that should be raised in the next term of council, Berardinetti said.

Councillor Mary Margaret McMahon questioned why council messed with the bag fee in the first place.

fee worked, it changed people behaviours for the better, she said. did we go down this weird, slippery slope?

Mayor Rob Ford helped the public works committee vote Wednesday to bury Toronto’s 5 bag fee indefinitely.

Ford an ex officio member of all council committees made a surprise appearance at the committee meeting during the debate over a staff update on how the city deals with plastic bags. While he didn’t speak during the debate, Ford was on the winning side of the 5 to 2 vote to receive the report for information keeping the issue away from council and almost entirely ruling out any debate to bring back the bag fee for at least a year.

The mayor has long raged against the city’s 5 cent plastic bag fee that was introduced by his predecessor, former mayor David Miller. Ford led council in trashing the bag fee last year but at the same debate councillors also ended up voting to put a plastic bag ban in place. After a legal challenge, council ended u replica watches uk p dropping the ban late last year.

Plastic bag fee bill supported in state Capitol display

Four hundred plastic grocery bags were staked to the state Capitol lawn along Beretania Street today to call attention to a Senate Bill that would impose a 10 cent fee on the disposable sacks and their paper counterparts and channel some of the revenue to fund watershed protection projects.

Girl Scout and Kalani High School sophomore Diana Sellner, along with about 15 of her friends, created the outdoor display to illustrate the number of disposable bags used by the average person on Oahu each year (a total of 400 million replica watc replica watches uk hes uk replica watches uk ong> replica watches uk bags).

Sen. Mike Gabbard (D, Waikele Ko Olina), one of the senators who introduced of the bill, said SB 2511 is “a win win” because “it cleans up our precious aina and it raises money to protect our watersheds.”

The bill would allot $800,000 of the projected revenues to the Department of Health to run and enforce the program and $11 million would go to the Department of Land and Natural Resources to pay for its ambitious watershed projects.

Plastic Bag Fabric

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