Plastic bag free shopping

The village of Overton was one of the first to go free following the lead of thevillage of Modburyin Devon. The local Co op in Overton charges 5p for a shopping bag if customers request one and these are made of GM free cornstarch. The bags are bio replica watches uk degradable compostable. They encourage their customers to bring their own bags but also provide re usable fabric bags. Leaflets are diplayed at each till with the title say to plastic bags? of the facts listed include:

8 billion plastic bags are used by shoppers in Britain every year

A couple ofSaturdaysago Iwent to Islington to pick up equipment materials from The Make Lounge where I been teaching mosaic. I wandered aroundstalls selling vintage china in and around Camden Passage sourcing some china plates for mosaic. I then went to Cass Arts t replica watches uk o buy some art supplies finally found Loop nearby which is a knitting shop (with a difference). I really want to do one of Julie Arkell workshops there dress a papier mache rabbit with knitted hand stitched clothing!

There was a Good Food Festival on Islington Green where I discovered crochet bags by Plastique Bague. Hand made from recycledplastic bags in a range of styles, they are available to buy on Etsy.

I bought a knitted shopping bag a couple of months ago from a wonderful shop in Brighton. It knitted from plastic bags. Apparently they stretch alot once there insideso have to be made smaller in size!

I went to Hastings yesterday enjoyed the music festival carnival in and around Warrior Square Gardens. There were market stalls too I spotted some handmade fabric bags made by locally basedCarry a Bag. I seen them before they are made from donated recycled fabric printed on or appliqued. I almost bought one but instead added to my fabric bag collection with one sourced from a charity shop.

Giant willow tissue paper flowers in St Leonards street

There was a really good arts event in Warrior Gardens involving an especially adapted tent. The project was funded by the Arts Council and involved artist Sally Booth. The sides of the tent were made from transparent fabric replica watches uk that could be drawn on. Sally had started the drawing and children were invited to take part drawing what they could see through the fabric.

The Drawing Tent in Warrior Square Gardens, St Leonards on Sea

Last Sunday I went through Newington Green on my way to Finsbury Park RISE festival. There was a spot of whale building going on (using willow)and free reuseable and fairtrade fabric shopping bags werebeing distributed with love plastic bag free Newington Green printed on.

Children were busily customising fabric bags with pen drawings and there was a live jazz band playing in the background!

Also, the local Tesco Express had a poster on the window saying that they were going plasticbag free for a week.

Poster in window of Tesco Express, Newington Green

Lewisham Arthouse will open it doors on theweekend of 4th 5th October 2008 for Open Studios. Meet painters, photographers,textile artists, designers, ceramicists, potters One Bag project will be launched during the Open Studios weekend. Artists have been invited to make art on reuseable fabric bags. These one off bags will be for sale over the two days.

The public are invited to take part too. Plain fabric bags will be available to buy for customising either on the day or later at home. Photos of finished bags will be displayed in an online One Bag gallery on the Lewisham Arthouse website as well as here!

Welcome to this weblog. Join in the One Bag project, join in the fun and customise your own fabric shopping bag. Or share id replica watches uk eas about how plastic bags can be made into art or craft. Visit some of the exhibitions listed or links to other groups promoting plastic bag free shopping in other areas ofLondon and theUK. Tell us about your own thoughts about plastic bag free shopping or experiences of similar projects.

Plastic bag firm prosecuted over worker’s finger loss

The tool came down on her left hand and, as a result, she lost her entire index finger and her middle finger to below the second knuckle. Mrs Schoelzel has been unable to return to work nearly a year on.

HSE issued six Improvement Notices and one Prohibition Notice after an inspector visited the site following the incident. The notices required safety improvements to be made to machines at the factory, and prevented a printing press from operating until suitable guards had been installed.

The HSE investigation found suitable guards were not in place to prevent workers gaining access to the cutting tool while the machine was operating, and that it was common practice for employees to change the rubber on the tool without the power to the machine being cut.

The investigation was unable to confirm what caused the machine to start operating when the rubber insert was being replaced, but it found the buttons which operated it we replica watches uk re unsuitable and could have been pressed replica watches uk by accident.

Arrow Flexible Packaging Ltd pleaded guilty to a breach of the Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998 by failing to prevent access to dangerous machine parts. The company was fined and was ordered to pay in prosecution costs on 28 October 2011.

Karen Schoelzel said:

“I can no longer do the job that I did, and will be limited to the types of jobs I can do in the future. I am affected by how I do everyday things such as gardening, shopping and even eating, because using cutlery is difficult.

“I used to go out socialising once a fortnight and now I don’t want to go. I haven’t been out socially since my accident happened. During the first three months, I didn’t leave the house except to go to the hospital to have my dressings changed.

“I saw a psychiatrist quite soon after the accident to help me come to terms with it because, at that point, I couldn’t and wouldn’t look at my injury.”

Speaking after the hearing, the inve replica watches uk stigating inspector at HSE, Emily Osborne, said:

“A worker has been left with a life replica watches uk long injury and has been unable to return to work as a result of an incident which could easily have been avoided.

“There should have been suitable guards and safety devices fitted to the machine to make it impossible for employees to gain access to the dangerous cutting tool while it was in operation.

“Mrs Schoelzel is one of thousands of factory workers in Great Britain who suffered a major injury while at work last year.

Plastic bag fees should be legislated

The Conservation Council of New Brunswick says the provincial government should consider legislating a mandatory fee for plastic bags as a way to limit the use of the products.

NB Liquor became the latest corporation toscrap a fee for plastic bagsearlier this week. Grocery stores have also stopped including a bag fee on customers.

David Coon, the executive director of the Conservation Council, said the provincial government should consider legislating a fee for plastic bags. ((CBC))

But some environmentalists say these are steps backwards in the fight to reduce the use of plastic bags.

David Coon, the executive director of the Conservation Council of New Brunswick, said replica watches uk the small fees were effective in convincing consumers to bring their own bags.

“I think that the stores will tell you that their bag consumption dropped dramatically with this in place, and it will rise just as dramatically without it,” he said.

If businesses are going to stop imposing the fees, Coon said the provincial government should step in.

‘If we don’t have them at all and people will be forced to buy the real good bags and they’ll see how important it is, and how good it is.’ Lorinda Legere”This is ripe for government policy to expand the current approach to try and help our society reduce its production of waste and its consumption of material and energy,” he said.

The extra fees for plastic bags were supported by some shoppers, such as Lorinda Le replica watches uk gere.

Legere said she is opposed to stores giving out the plastic bags.

“It’s toxic so we should not have replica watches uk them at all,” she said.

“If we don’t have them at all and people will be forced to buy the real good bags and they’ll see how important it is, and how good it is.”

In 2010, afederal MP proposed a billthat would scrap the use of plastic bags across the country.

Business decisionsWhile environmentalists some shoppers believe the fees were useful, some businesses say they angered other customers.

Marcelle Saulnier, a spokesperson for NB Liquor, said consumer reaction was one reason why the Crown corporation decided to stop charging the fee.

She said people were complaining about the extra costs being added to their bills.

“Whenever someone was buying $150 worth of product, and they were charged a bit on top of that just for bags. It wasn’t leaving them with the experience we wanted them to get,” she said.

Atlantic Superstores also changed their policy and is once again offering free plastic bags to its shoppers.

But the stores did not drop the fee because of complaints from the public.

Instead a statement issued by Loblaw Companies Ltd. said replica watches uk the decision was made because its corporate competitors did not impose their own fees.

“None of our major competitors in the Atlantic followed our lead and attempted to reduce plastic bag use with a charge system, while many of those same competitors have implemented a charge for bag program in other regions that they operate, which are also the same markets we operate in. We remain mindful of our business environment in [the] Atlantic,” the statement said.