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Spare change has been beating me for ages. You know that phrase, the one that goes “Fool me once, shame on your; fool me twice, shame on me”? Well, shame shame shame on me ’cause spare change has been fooling me for at least 15 years. In a nutshell, the pattern goes like this:

Purchase item with bill/paper money.

Seriously, I’ve amassed so much change over time, I might qualify for the Bush Tax Cut if I ever bothered to count it all. I’ve considered this change problem to be one of life’s necessary evils, or so it seemed until I was in the store the other day and saw a $50 Tommy Hilfiger wallet that changed my thinking.

“Holy crap,” I said, dumbfounded (don’t worry, I was with someone else and was no fake rolex t talking to myself about Tommy Hilfiger wallets like a damn crazy pers fake rolex on). “This wallet has a little change pocket inside of it. The pocket’s got a button on it and everything. This is genius! Why don’t all wallets have a change pocket?”

And why don’t they? Women don’t have change problems, because they lug around big purses and can place the change inside, next to their compacts, cell phones, handguns, pet rocks, photo albums, and whatever else women carry with them. But for men, we have to rely on remembering to take the change out of our pockets, and that’s just asking too much. I quickly tried to calculate, in my head (I don’t carry a purse, hence no calculator handy), if buying the $50 wallet would be a good investment, as the coin pocket feature would surely lead to more frugal use of change. I eventually decided it wasn’t worth it, because $50 is like 10 billion coins.

The wheels in the head were turning, though. Proper coin management quickly became a priority. I considered buying a ch fake rolex eap change purse, but then thought, “Why buy a change purse when I can just carry around a plastic sandwich bag with me? It’s essentially the same thing.” This was a good point. I mean, I’m not a man of pride, I don’t need to have some fancy coin purse to show off when I pay for stuff. Things like that matter to rich people, I guess. Not to me.

“What about inventing a fancy cloth sandwich bag?” My entrepreneurial mind was at work. “I bet a rich kid would feel much more comfortable if, instead of having his sandwich in a plastic bag or on fake rolex e of those sandwich cases, he had a nice, hand sewn purse to hold his turkey sandwich.”

I quickly pushed the thought of hand sewn sandwich bags aside. It was a distraction from the coin problem. For the past few days, I’ve been going with the Plastic Bag O’ Coins and it’s been working brilliantly. Still, there seems to be greater alternatives out there.

Thus I propose this: What if the jean companies got together and started making jeans with only one pocket? Hear me out. The other pocket would be what I like to call “The Everyday Pocket,” a detachable device that can be transferred from one pair of jeans to another. That way, I can take the pocket full of change from one day and attach it to the jeans I wear the next day. It would work wonders! I mean, it might take some time to train men not to put their change in the other pocket the non Everyday Pocket one but eventually guys would get the idea (2 3 years, perhaps) and unused spare change would be a thing of the past!

For now, Plastic Bag O’ Coins it is. In the future, one can only hope The Everyday Pocket becomes a reality. Only then could a responsible father have 5 dimes on him, readily available, to pay for his $10.50 hand sewn sandwich bag.

plastic bag movement growing as residents adapt to new laws

The Canadian pioneer towns that first banned plastic bags are saying good riddance to the longtime ret fake rolex ail staple that rolls through garbage strewn streets like tumbleweed.

Leaf Rapids, Man., and Huntingdon, Que., were among the first Canadian towns to banish plastic bags from city limits, and many merchants and town leaders say they don’t miss them a bit.

Nearly four months later, Alain Fournier, general manager of the town’s IGA grocery store, reported 82 per cent of his customers bring their own, reusable bags, while the other 18 per cent use paper.

“We’re getting there, slow but sure,” Fournier said. “At first, customers were not too happy with it. What we’re hearing more is that it’s convenient and they have fewer bags to carry.”

People adjusting to ban in different ways

Leaf Rapids, in northern Manitoba, last year became the first municipality in Canada to ban plastic shopping bags. Mayor Ed Cherrier said a year later most people in the community of 600 forget they ever had them.

“You don’t see them,” he said. “It’s cleaner. It’s a much better environment.”

But the adjustment can be more difficult for smaller stores. One storekeeper in Huntingdon, the town that made nati fake rolex onal news a few years ago for its curfew on teenagers, said the transition has been difficult.

“It’s been a real pain in the ass,” said the shopkeeper, who asked not to be named.

“Why pay huge amounts of money to those making the [new reusable bags]? I don’t understand.”

Some towns try voluntary ban measures

A small town in eastern Quebec is taking a different approach. Amqui plans to draft a voluntary pact urging environmental responsibility for the town, its residents and its stores.

Beginning this summer, Amqui retailers will place a small tax on plastic shopping bags.

“If people want them, they can still use them but we’ll charge them extra if they still want to use plastic bags,” said Mayor Gatan Ruest, adding that a similar system in Ireland has reduced the number of plastic bags by more than 90 per cent.

Movementenjoys ‘a real groundswell’ of support

Manitoba Liberal Leader Jon Gerrard tabled a bill recently that would ban one use plastic bags from checkout counters.

Gerrard put forth a similar private member’s bill six months ago. While the proposed law again faces long odds of passing, Gerrard said the movement is growing.

“I think that what’s happening is that there is a real groundswell for this, in Manitoba, and worldwide,” said Gerrard, adding he wants to encourage the use of biodegradable bags.

Nova Scotia’s liquor stores have vowed to phase out plastic bags by this fall, and Quebec’s liquor stores announced plans to follow suit by the beginning of 2009.

Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty has said his province should also seriously consider following the example set by Nova Scotia.

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Restrictions on the distribution of plastics bags have also been implemented in parts of the United States, Australia, Taiwan, and several countries in Africa.

Even China, which has been heavily criticized for its environmental practices, recently issued a directive to ban retailers from handing out free plastic bags by June 1.

Fournier fake rolex said the trend toward banning plastic bags is growing fast.”At least we’ll be able to remember we’re one of the first to start it,” the supermarket manager said.

Plastic Bag Mitten

: Plastic Bag Mitten “Rubber Glove” I once built a sailing canoe on Majuro Atoll, Republic of the Marshall Islands. I used Pandanus keys washed up on the beach as paintbrushes. If you start by pulling the bag to one side instead of the other the handle loop won’t be long enough to loop over your thumb. Han fake rolex dle the bag somewhat carefully to avoid ripping it. You now have a plastic bag on your hand. All you need now is a sharp soup spoon, a bullet (for your patie.I once built a sailing canoe on Majuro Atoll, Republic of the Marshall Islands. I used Pandanus keys washed up on the beach as paintbrushes. Pandanus is a local fruit. After it’s been bashed on shore for awhile the fibers at one end make a nice brush. I didn’t have rubber gloves to use with the e fake rolex poxy. fake rolex “Buro”.Handle the bag somewhat carefully to avoid ripping it.If you look carefully you’ll see a hole by Buro’s finger. That’s because these shopping bags are all made wrong. As my dad would say, “It’s not made for what it’s designed for”. The folded gu fake rolex ssets at the bottom of the bag will rip two holes in the bottom of the bag if you actually use it to carry groceries or handle it roughly.If you were to cut across the bottom of the bag and weld it together flat like a pillow case you’d have a much stronger bag that would carry more stuff and last longer.